For the cake:
2 soy yogurts with vanilla
2 plain yogurts
210 g Wheat Flour
180 g Sugar
5 cs of Neutral Oil
1 Sachet of Chemical Yeast (9g)
1 bag of vanilla sugar
1 tsp of vanilla extract
For the cream:
600 g vegetable whipping cream (coconut brand Kara or special whipped cream)
300 g vanilla soy yogurt
60 g sugar
1 bag of Chantibio or Chantifix
2 g d'agar-agar
1 pinch of vanilla powder

1 small cup of strong coffee
1 cs d’Amaretto
4 large cs of Speculoos spread


1• Start by making the cake and cook for 50 minutes at 180 °. The best is to do it several hours in advance so you can cut it easily.

2• Prepare the cream by putting the cream in whipped cream. When the cream starts to be well aerated, add the chantifix, the vanilla, the sugar. Continue to whip up the whipped cream until it is firm.

3• In a saucepan heat a little vanilla yogurt by mixing it well with the agar-agar. Heat for at least a minute to activate the agar-agar. Stop the heat and stir in this mixture with the remaining vanilla yogurt.

4• Make sure the yoghurt mixture is cold and gently add it to the whipped cream.

5• Cut the cake in its length to have 2 strips of about 2.5 cm.

Brush generously the 2 strips of cake of speculoos dough.

Blend the mold that was used to make the cake with a plastic film to be able to unmold easily after.

6• In the bottom of the mold put half of the whipped cream. Spread it regularly and place a slice of cake with the basted biscuit dough on the cream. Using a brush, impregnate the other part of the cake slice with the coffee / Amaretto mixture. Cover with remaining whipped cream. 
Put the last slice of cake and brush it with coffee / Amaretto.

7• Press lightly to compact the preparation. Cover with the plastic film and put in the fridge at least 24 hours but 48 hours is even better.

After 48 hours unmold the log, remove the plastic film and little smooth any traces left by the plastic film.

Decorate as you want. I sprinkled cocoa simply.