The foie gras confit with the scents of gingerbread, a recipe of foie gras really excellent that makes you want to be the first to taste.

ingredients ( For 6 persons )

1 lobe of 500 gr of raw foie gras (deveined is simpler)
1 kg coarse salt
2 cl of Armagnac
Mix of spices
2 teaspoons of 4 spices
pepper 5 berries
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon of nutmeg


1• For the preparation: 
Line the bottom of a dish of coarse salt. 
Then mix the remaining salt with Armagnac and set aside. 
Arrange the foie gras on the coarse salt in the dish and cover with remaining salt / Armagnac. 
Shoot the dish and reserve 24h in the fridge.

2• Mix all the spices. 
Remove the foie gras from the salt, wipe it well with paper towels and remove the moisture as much as possible. 
Sprinkle with the spices.

3• Put it on food film and roll it into a big pudding.

4• Then wrap it in a sheet of aluminum until you taste it.

5• Good tasting !