A refreshing Christmas log with exotic flavors.

Ingredients ( For 6 persons )

pineapple insert:
1 fresh pineapple
20 g sugar
3 sheets of gelatin
Bavarian mousse coconut:
3 egg yolks
50 g sugar
25 cl coconut milk
3 sheets of gelatin
25 cl whole liquid cream very cold (30%)

grated coconut
Christmas topic


1• Pineapple insert: 

Peel and cut pineapple 
Blend half 
Put the pieces, pineapple juice and sugar 
in a saucepan 
Cooking time: 10 min on medium 
heat. Add the gelatin to the heat and 
let cool. 
Pour into an insert mold. 
Place in the freezer 2 hours

2• Bavarian moss coconut: 

Place the gelatin in cold water 10 min 
In a saucepan, out of the heat, beat the egg yolks 
with the sugar, then mix with the coconut milk. 
Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly, 
the cream should spoon like a custard. 
Remove from heat and add the gelatine 
Let cool

3• Assembly: 

Pour 3/4 of the Bavarian cream into your mold 
Put the pineapple insert 
Cover with remaining cream 
Place in the freezer overnight 
The next morning 
Unmould and sprinkle with grated coconut 
Place the Christmas topics 
Let defrost the whole day to serve at night.