A nice recipe and not too complicated to do that in addition allows to eat fish to the most refractory house that does not see fish but ... dumplings lol.It can be a recipe idea for the party by making a nice presentation.So here are the hake and seafood dumplings in their lemon-coconut sauce


4 slices of hake fillet
200 g seafood cocktail (keep some for the decoration
1 lime
60 g breadcrumbs
Curry Salt, pepper 20 cl of fish stock
1 egg
40 cl coconut milk


1• Mix the slices of hake and the seafood together. 
Make dumplings with the mixture obtained and reserve.

2• In a saucepan, bring to the boil lime juice, fish smoke, curry, and coconut milk. 
Put the fish balls to cook for a few minutes in the sauce.

3• Take them out and put each dumpling in the egg and breadcrumbs and brown them in a pan with oil.

4• Meanwhile reduce the sauce remaining in the pan.
Once cooked, prepare your plates with sauce and meatballs.