A dish of family parties, An easy recipe, what to ask more, humm, a treat this exotic dish from us, it changes traditional dishes

ingredients ( For 6 people )

1 fresh duck cut about 1 kg to 1,200 kg
fine salt, ground pepper
250 to 300 g Letchis fresh or canned or frozen
2 to 3 tablespoons cane sugar
2 to 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil

Steps ( 1h )

1• liking, Hmmm! wash the Letchis and remove the skin + the kernel, and reserve;) In a pot or frying pan, heat the oil, then brown the pieces of duck without burning them, then remove the pieces of meat from the pot and set aside ;) Remove a large part of the fat that is at the bottom of the pot, (keep the fat for the rest of the cooking)

2• Add the red sugar to form a caramel, stir the sugar well to reduce it to syrup, then add the fried duck pieces 
stir well, coat the caramel meat well 
Add a little oil (cooking oil from the duck ), stir well, lower heat, simmer 1 min. Cover;) 
Meanwhile, heat a little water for cooking meat, then add boiling water to start cooking meat;)

3• Cover the meat with boiling water (preferably) 
On high heat, bring to a boil for 5 to 7 minutes 
Then lower the heat and let simmer quietly;) 
By monitoring from time to time, it is not necessary that the water dry squarely, otherwise the caramel will harden at the bottom of the pot and the meat will burn, Before the end of cooking, check if the meat is cooked enough, if not, add a little water and lengthen the cooking meat

4• Once the sauce starts to thicken, check the salt seasoning;) 
Then add the Letchis, stir well for 1 minute, keep a little caramelized sauce well liquid in the bottom of the pot

5• And add the brown sugar to form a caramel, stir the sugar well to reduce it into syrup, That's it, it's ready, it's fragrant, we can distinguish the taste of Duck and the taste of Letchis,

What more can you say ..... a treat, accompanied by a bowl of white rice, and a fresh tomato rougail (for those who like chilli)